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Organising a ceremony or a party can be daunting. Anyone who has ever thrown themselves into the magic of DIY celebrations knows how important the element of personalisation is. It’s a way to share one own’s style and it has more and more often become a way of expressing creativity.

Let’s consider a wedding, for example: unless we put ourselves in the hands of wedding planners and other related professionals (i.e. wedding planners), since the very first days of planning the overwhelming feeling would probably be caos and the awareness of not knowing where to start.

One of the first questions we’ll be asked about the wedding would be, quite probably, what the theme of the party would be.

There are many soon-to-weds out there who approach the whole thing with clear ideas, online shopping carts full of detailed stationary and tableware, and possibly one or two rooms already overflowing with placeholders, favours, invitations and so on.

But if you do not belong to such category and feel in need of some inspiration, here’s an opportunity for you to peek into a very special event style: the Literary Wedding, or Bookish Party.

Book lovers will have a perfect occasion to celebrate their passion, and to “use” their party to shout out their love for stories, bookmarks, old and new adventures. Their party will be an invitation to the world to see things through “the looking glass” of a bookish enthusiast.

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Let’s get into details and see what a Literary Wedding is all about – with a few examples of very effective details to transform your celebration into a Bookish Party.

  • Placeholders, menus: you can use a heavier than usual paper (100gsm) possibly in a pastel tone (light blue, yellow, pink) and choose a typewriter-like font in a light “faded” colour - you can easily do this at home, with a computer and a printer. This would be your basic paper for menus, placeholders, and other lovely pieces of stationary for your day. Adding elegantly hand-written names will give a much appreciated personal touch. Remember, when writing and printing the menus, to use a stronger colour for your main text font, so that the base doesn’t “confuse” the content. 
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  • Invitations: imagine your invitations like little volumes, with a few pages and a cover including all the relevant details for your attendees. Using a “old” paper would give the “book” a nice worn-out effect, or you could use parchment paper (available online or in almost every stationary shop) for a greater wow effect. A lovely ribbon to bind it all together will do the trick!

  • Bouquet: nothing shouts out “romantically bookish” as a bouquet composed with fresh flowers and paper flowers, possibly made out of old books pages, favourite worn-down novels and magazines. Online you will find loads of tutorials on how to make delicate paper roses or pleasant little daisies from scratch (find a very cool example here). To make the bouquet even more special, we advice you choose bright coloured fresh flowers to counteract the light, sombre effect of the paper flowers. Sunflowers, gerberas, roses are only a few suggestions.













  • Centrepieces: for some of us, centrepieces are an absolute must. For a bookish wedding, there are countless ways of mixing flowers, books, old bookmarks to create a memorable table decoration. An example might be the “open book” option: carving old books (but saving the cover to keep the “open book” effect intact) it is possible to transform volumes into flower vases, to complete with a mixture of natural elements such as twigs, acorns, sycamore leaves, and fresh bunches of flowers – or maybe use the same flowers you chose for the bouquet for a more “themed” effect.

  • Location: it might sound banal, but not every event location is suitable for a themed celebration. For example, a “jungle” themed party would be ill-matched with a boho-beach location, or a medieval castle. Differently, a bookish-themed party is very well suited for a rustic mansion, a more informal context, or something more eclectic such as a countryside retreat, a “luxury” farm or a nobiliary residence, possibly renovated with more modern details scattered around. The idea is to recall the romantic but not too serious/formal atmosphere of the party through the location, in a way that matches the effect the newly weds are going for.
    The perfect match would be a versatile location where different areas can host different moments of the celebration, ranging from a more rural atmosphere – such as terrace or a patio with greenery and rustic seats – to more contemporary corners, for example a gazebo or a veranda with glass windows, to enjoy the gardens even while indoors.
    Visit Petralonga for a perfect example of such versatility and balanced mixture of styles.

    Now, what?

In conclusion, we believe that every party is a unique moment, and it is as simply as that.

Every celebration has its own style and the more it matches personality and taste of the protagonists the better, and the more joyous will be the event.

You don’t need big budgets or endless shopping lists to create a spectacular occasion, the only truly needed ingredients are creativity and freedom to express one own’s preferences.

For more great ideas of themed parties, have a look here – the choice is endless.

On a final note, remember: organising a party is a very exciting time, and should be enjoyed as such. If the enterprise of organising every details feels a bit of a handful, put yourself in the caring hands of professionals. Petralonga and its full team of event planners and professionals are a phone call, an email, a message away: well-equipped with enthusiasm and an amazing portfolio of ideas and suggestions, they can make your dreamy wow effect come true!

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