History - Petralonga

Petralonga: The place

Petralonga is one of the largest and most important eighteenth-century wine presses in the area of Etna countries, historical and architectural monument of great importance and expression of the wine culture of the area.

Abandoned since the early 60’s to the decline of agricultural activities, it remains in a state of disrepair for over 30 years.

The refurbishment

The refurbishment of Petralonga started in the 1990s and the main guidiline was to respect the historical heritage and maitain as much as possible of the original architecture and decorations.

Today, visiting or celebrating an event at Petralonga is a suggestive and exclusive experience. You’ll have a chance to see and touch a snapshot of our cultural heritage every day more difficult to spot and to share it with your friends a loved ones.

Sponsor the recovery of Petralonga

If you are interested to play an active part and contributor to this ongoing restoration effort., we offer opportunities for companies and individuals that join and support this historical place.

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