Wedding in Sicily Country Boho style - Petralonga

The style of this wedding in Sicily is a mix of Boho-Country. The venue is perfect for a wedding that keeping the elegance allow the guest to feel comfortable and relax.

¨The long waiting hours is what we dont’ like at the weddings so we want to organice every moment of the ceremony as close and fast as possible” The bride said,

so we decided to organice everything taking advantage of the proximity of the spaces in the venue.

The ceremony was held in the closes garden to the entrance of the venue, so the guest would arrive directly to the ceremony, which was decorated in a very natural and minimalistic way using the plants already at the venue and White flowers as background.


Some of the guests were seated around a small amphitheatre in the garden and some poufs and chairs were allocated for the guests.

Legal wedding

Handmade palm fans and bottles of soap bubbles that the bride had ordered, were arranged inside handmade Sicilian baskets at the entrance of the garden so everyone could grab them and be ready for the ceremony.

Palm fans and bubble bottles

Prior to the ceremony, our natural wood sicilian chioschetto was available for the catering to serve granita and latte di mandorla to the guests.

Beverage corner

The garden of the ceremony has a long hall made of bricks where the groom escorted his mother down the aisle and to her seat.

Groom with his mother

And later on the bride with her father.

Bride and dad

The couple walked to the small altar that was waiting for them where vintage objects and White flowers were meticulously arranged before by the in-house designer for this wedding in Sicily.

Minimalist set-up

After the ceremony the bride and groom prefer to stay in the venue and make their photo session in the old winery while the guests were having some wine and appetizers.

Photo session

The garden besides the ceremony is called The Sambuco Garden where the catering organised different cookings stations where tasty appetizers were prepared live. The guest that came from outside Italy were truly delighted.

Aperitif at Sambuco Garden

The courtyard in classic Sicilian style was also hosting some cooking stations to make the flow of the guests smooth and comfortable around the different spaces, allowing them to discover the venue at their own peace.

The Sicilian Garden ready with some show cooking corners

The garden that view to the Mount Etna is called the Etna Garden, where naked wooden rectangular tables and chairs were decorated by our team of in-house artisans and designers.

Wooden tables decorated with peony and succulent plants

Personalized wooden bases were made by our team to hang the menú along the tables and to allocate the funny names that the bride had prepared for every table.

Personalized menus

Lighting is key on the wedding decòr, our in house technicians installed a string lighting scene above the whole garden creating a romantic “cielo stellato” atmosphere .

Lights above the tables

The venue offers several services such as barman, artisanal beer, shisha angle and amaro and coffee. To keep the country style of the wedding the bar was positioned over two wine barrels. Oh everyone made sure not to miss this spot!

Barman corner

The bride and groom are big fans of the handmade so our team made sure that there were many pieces around the event handmade, even the wedding thank you gifts were small handmade clay cups. Lovely pieces!

Handmade gifts for the guests

A wedding is always an unforgettable moment for every couple. W are delighted to be able to share it with you. Thank you!


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