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Organising a wedding is a one of a kind experience. In this knot of joy, excitement and details the big question, at the very beginning, is always one: where, where, where! Getting married is a unique moment in life, and the choice of location should reflect this special occasion and the bride & groom taste. Therefore, sit back and relax while we explore why our land is such an amazing location for a destination wedding Sicily.

From History to Nature: it’s all about atmosphere! 

Sicily is an island interwoven with history and culture. From Greek temples to beautiful naturally created caves and woods, from wineries on volcanoes to boho-styled beach retreats, it offers a variegated range of venue choices.

Coming to Sicily means claim back time and relax while you enjoy the varieties of food, colours, textures this amazing land has to share. Historically, it is a land many visited and many chose to take as their home: Greeks and Romans, Africans and French and Spanish, Arabs are just a few of the populations who decided to mix their own culture and traditions with those of the local Sicilian people, making new traditions, new cultural elements, creating a whole new world based on the roots of the old world, every time. All this made Sicily a welcoming region, where beauty and time embrace.

Its laid-back atmosphere makes it the perfect go-to for a destination wedding to remember, for those who choose to gift their family and friends with a unique life experience just around the corner, and for those who cannot choose between adventure and relax. Sicily has it all, there is no real need for a heartbreaking choice here – you can have a all round ceremony plus reception without splurging in search of an overseas option.

Coast to coast: an island to discover:

When you say Sicily, you say variety. Every Sicilian city has its own architectural style, its signature cuisine, its signature colours: whether you are enchanted by the golden Arabian atmosphere of Palermo and its local warm alleys and churches, or attracted by the bright white coasts of Syracuse enriched with history-glowing temples and Greek ruins, all the way to Agrigento and Ragusa, brides and grooms to-be will find there’s no end to the magic of this amazing and versatile land.

The Etna surroundings do deserve a special mention, when it comes to name the manifold natural and human-made beauties Sicily has to offer its visitors and weds-to-be. Not only the highest active volcano in Europe has amazing rustic retreats and villas hugged between natural lava stone paths and great woods: many vineyards produce some of the most famous Sicilian wines and liquors in countryside mansions and intimate farms, and open their doors to ceremonies and receptions perfect for every type of weddings, and most importantly every size of budget.

Garden reception

Food for thought: a destination wedding Sicily for gourmet lovers

As well as offering charming locations and numerous historic, natural and picturesque venues, Sicily is a favourite among European and Mediterranean wedding destinations for its renowned amazing cuisine. Being a island, Sicilian cuisine is mostly known for its vegetable and fish dishes, celebration of quality and DOP products  ranging from locally sourced fish and seafood to cheeses and locally farmed vegetables and fruits.

From Michelin-starred chefs to smaller realities flowing with quality and variety of choice, Sicily truly spoils its visitors with endless options when it comes to selecting the best to celebrate. Have a look around to explore the wonders of Sicilian cuisine.

Destination wedding: one more reason to trust a wedding planner!

Thanks to the growing business and trustworthy expertise of wedding planners, organising a well-concerted party has become much easier and more fun than in the past! Just have a chat with Petralonga’s long-experienced staff to understand the benefits of choosing a professional wedding planner  and see why not only stars and celebrities can nowadays afford to rely on experts.

Putting together all aspects of a celebration can be hard work, especially when your wedding comes between family or work commitment that leave very little time.

A destination wedding Sicily shouldn’t be an “impossible choice” only for lack of time: that’s when experts such as Petralonga’s stuff come in hand and save the day!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

When it comes to plan details for a wedding, right after the question “where” – and sometimes even before that! – there pops up the question “when?”. For the best day of our lives, it is important to consider quite a few things while considering options for a date to tie the knot.

Destination weddings are no different, but when choosing to go abroad to celebrate love you should not be put off by uncertainties about the weather: the comfort of selecting food or decor availability or flower arrangements is always preserved, while staying in Sicily. One of the many beauties of this magical island is that the weather is less uncertain and milder than most of other affordable European retreats.

Venues are usually well equipped with options for both a charming outdoors or a more intimate indoors celebration and your wonderland-like beach or wood or volcanic countryside mansion will go the extra mile to make sure every detail matches your desires – because in Sicily making people happy is a must! If time is on your side and you have a lucky broader choice of dates, go for a late Spring (May) or a early Autumn (September) date to celebrate your newly weds day.

Those are the times of the year when the joys of a lovely weather are best enjoyed, less risks of rain or storms and mild temperatures bless most of the days.

Handcrafted details and artsy details to enrich the ceremony and reception

Handcrafts are the heart of Sicily. Together with untouched beautiful nature spots and place of immense and unique historical values, Sicily prides itself in sharing with the world some of the most detailed, colourful and delicate handmade artworks you’ll ever experience to see or touch.

From hand painted carts to handmade coffe (stray bags celebrated by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana), to name a few, are examples of this amazing works of art.

When it comes to personalising your destination wedding, you can count on local artisans to help you create the magic: handwritten and hand painted invitation, accessories for your one-of-a-kind outfit such as handmade jewellery, bags, scarves and shoes, for both men and women fashion enthusiasts.

Handmade details

Photo: Verygraphy Calligrafa

Catania: a unique scenario hugged between beautiful beaches and the picturesque magic of Etna

To round it all up, this land offers the perfect choice of a destination wedding Sicily. Among the other amazing options, Catania and its vibrant atmosphere blends the colours and notes of an authentic historical gem with the unique experience of finding yourself looking at the fiery symbol of this great place: Etna.

Imagine celebrating your best day with people you love, and sharing pictures and cocktails with the volcanic scenario kissed by a crimson sunset.

Check out this local venue’s details for a significant example of what can you expect from a Catania-based traditional celebration.

Petralonga Wedding

Best five: why choose Sicily as your Destination Wedding location? 

Let’s point out five details and reasons to celebrate your destination wedding Sicily:

  1. • From golden beaches to fiery volcanoes, from smaller intimate islands to rustic romantic countryside wineries and historical villas and castles, the choice of unique venues is endless.
  2. • Every season is a good season to celebrate, in Sicily. From food choices to changes in natural scenarios, Sicily can truly make everyone happy day by day, with no exception for those of you who love winter wonderlands or beautifully decadent autumnal retreats.
  3. • Handcrafted and handprinted details made with love and art and tradition can be the missing element from your celebration, making it perfect and sensational without having to splurge overseas to go exotic and special.
  4. • Budget is important, when planning your day. Whether you’re ready to make all your wishes come true or having your amazing party without breaking the bank, Sicily welcomes every kind of ceremonies – and you’ll find staff ready to help you getting your special day the way you want it within your budget!.
  5. • Food. Art. History. Nature. Elegant or informal, simple or shining with details, your Sicilian wedding will be the reflection of your personality – imagine the happiness of making Sicily an anniversary holiday to celebrate the beautiful memories you’ll gather on the day! Get in touch with local wedding planners now, and enjoy the warm and colourful ride!


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